In-Person Training


1-On-1 Private Training

AuthenFIT Private Training is an all-inclusive, completely customized 1-on-1 training program that involves both muscular and cardio work. Our Private Training clients receive full body assessments anywhere in Metro Atlanta, and participate in a program tailored to their specific fitness level and needs. With AuthenFIT, our coaches work alongside our clients, motivating them every step of the way and helping them to achieve their healthy lifestyle goals. Private Training sessions can be done in a client’s home, office, or outside locale of their choosing. 


Small Group Training

At AuthenFIT, we realize that there’s strength in numbers, and that training with friends and family can be rewarding and inspiring. We want fitness to be an integral part of your life, and if our coaches can help you achieve that by customizing a program for your favorite small group, then we’re honored to do so. You can schedule a group training session for up to six people, anywhere you want to workout in the Metro Atlanta area! Living the #authenFITlife together encourages everyone to support each other in their quest for a healthy lifestyle.


Corporate Wellness Workouts

AuthenFIT can help your organization implement an Employee Workout Program that encourages health, fitness, and wellbeing while rewarding employees for taking steps to be well. An effective corporate workout program is a great way for employers to reduce healthcare costs and increase productivity, plus improve employee engagement and well-being. Your fully-customized AuthenFIT Employee Workout Program can be up and running sooner than you may think! 



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