Kayla Lojas


Kayla Lojas is the founder and Head Trainer of AuthenFIT, and is committed to being your guide to a better, more healthier lifestyle. She believes in the power of positivity, the power of being real, and the ability we each possess to change ourselves for the better. She is focused on teaching you how to live an overall balanced lifestyle, and believes that the method to reaching that balance should always be SIMPLE BUT EFFECTIVE.

As a former college athlete, Kayla has been pushed to her limits in changing her food intake structure. She experienced the ultimate benefits in her athletic performance, and she’s dedicated her career to helping others achieve the same.

Kayla is an NCSF-CPT, graduate of Millikin University with a B.S. in Athletic Training, NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist, online fitness coach, creator of the #AuthenFIT Online Workout Program and #AuthenFITlife community, and a hardworking badass who is proof that anyone can turn their passion into a lifestyle…and occasionally a career.

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Personal Trainer

Dan Milenkovic believes that fitness is an important aspect to everyone’s lifestyle and that it’ll help keep you healthy and in shape for years to come. He’s been training clients for over 3 years and every single one of them has benefitted greatly from incorporating his guidance and advice into their life.

Dan competes in physique bodybuilding and therefore knows what it takes to stay motivated and push through the plateaus that everyone hits. His specialty is body transformations, so whether you want to build muscle and bulk up, or lose weight/fat and build lean muscle, Dan’s your guy.

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Director of Marketing & PR

With over a decade’s worth of experience as an award-winning content creator and driven
marketing & PR strategist, Christina Johnson is excited to lend her talents to Kayla and her AuthenFIT vision.

Possessing a wealth of self-taught knowledge and inspired by the prospect of continual personal growth, Christina left a 14-year career in the professional sports world in 2017 to launch her own agency - battlebørn creative. She created the AuthenFIT website & branding, helps Kayla maintain the social media accounts via generated content, and handles all marketing initiatives and media requests for AuthenFIT.